India is counted among the top 10 countries of highest rape crime

India is counted among the top ten countries with highest rape crime.
We know, we better know that we are accustomed to the rape cases. We have become wanted of hearing and reading about it. We know, it won’t change and we feel relieved to know that “I am not the victim”.
Neither any law nor the foreboding of punishment, neither any petitions nor any march. Nothing can change this devastating condition of the women. Whether you are in a city or village, you are four years old or forty, independent or dependent, you wear ‘burqa’ or micro dress, you walk with a crowd or in a secluded lane, while during day or night but they can grab you, tie you, strip you and rape you. They can hawl on you in their car and can snatch away your last breath. They can take you to any corner of the world and can sabotage your world in few seconds.
This is happening, this will be continued. What is going to stop them, your tears, your torn soul, your broken resilience or your devastated life? That excruciating feeling of being raped dreads her for the rest of her life. She somehow recollects the broken pieces to move, to live. Yes, she doesn’t remain the same as the society never allows her to remain the same. It makes no difference what safety measures you take, you cannot thwart the death blow.
People read the breaking news, their hearts rends, we step out for candle march, protests, show expostulation. The social workers bump into the occurrence, media indulge in assembling headlines, masses show their antagonism. It prolongs for few days or sometimes months. Eventually, stillness emanates out of all those chaos. Does it change anything? Had it changed anything?
The root cause is the mindsets of culprits. Raping a woman is not a culpability to them. They grow up with a mental attitude that they can thrash a woman, control over her. Gender inequality boosts them. The day had arrived long back when women’s safety at home became questionable. The term “marital rape” is not newly discovered. What our society is turning into?
According to the statistics after every 20 minutes, a woman is subjected to rape in India. The targeted age is 18-30. Delay in the legal process is also the main cause of bringing our country into the list. Not only our country but it has to be eradicated from every corner of the world. But deep inside we know, that the readers will read, protesters will protest, victims will sympathize, offenders will be punished but this will be continued.


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