I miss you, Maa!

I wish I could have told you back then,
Told you that how much,
How much I Love You!
How much I love your hand over my head.
How much I love the way you used to wake me up every morning for school.
How I loved the way you used to smile every time you saw me getting back home from school.
How I loved the way you used to hug me.
I miss it all, Maa.
And more than any of your things,
I miss You, Maa.
Nothing is same without you even today since that day.
Dad is still lost in void,
And Bhai is still drowning in a pitiless sorrow,
I am trying,
Trying to be like you
But failing to be a good substitute of you.
I scream and I shout.
But keep it all in my head,
So I do not disturb your dream.
Your dream to see me as an independent and a strong woman.
I wish you could see me right now, Maa.
I need you.
We need you.
Like all the times before.
How can I substitute you if Diamonds have no substitute?
But I will try,
Try to at least be the shadow of our family
And bring back the glory,
To make you smile.
I won’t let your family shatter.
I know you are there up looking at me,
I love you.
I won’t give up,
But fight, just for You.
This is another chapter in the book,
We can’t go back but we can look,
And there we are on every page,
Suddenly you crawled out at your own pace.
We often fight and argue taking our Mom for granted. Little do we know what is in our store at any moment.
She has served and made uncountable sacrifices for her child. Can’t we just let go few things and adjust, rather than fighting or blaming her?
And remember; if it’s difficult for you to change at this age, don’t expect them to change at their age.
Take care of your diamond before it fades away.
– Kinjal Parekh
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