I miss you, Dad.

You worked all day.
Fighting against the odds of your life
You kicked the demons out
Without even giving us a glimpse
Of what you go through all day.
If you are reading this dad,
Maa has already given up on happy days.
Bhai is crying and regretting for always arguing with you
And I am lost and failing to be your brave daughter like all those days back then.
I am sorry but you are the one to blame.
Why did you have to leave us giving up on your pain?
Remembering your voice,
Re-playing the happy-laughing days
Makes me numb more than any of these pains.
I am breaking, I am crying, alone.
Just the way you used to do,
Without even letting us know.
The way you used to open your arms
And take me inside your shelter,
Nowhere else had I ever felt so safe.
And now today,
Today that shelter is gone.
But I know…
I know you are still here
To protect me
And see me brave.
And I promise,
I won’t let you down.
But would you promise
To give me my favorite candies
If I win again like always?
I know you can’t.
It’s okay.
But I won’t back off
I’ll be You and make you proud.
So you could rant about your daughter up in the clouds,
like you used to here …
I’ll be the strong one
Try to be the back of our family
Just the way you kept fighting the odds and demons,
Just for us.
I am proud of you, dad.
I love you.
And I miss you more than the happiness in our lives.
– Kinjal Parekh
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