I am an Indian, and I don’t hate Pakistan.

In August, 1947 two sons were born from the womb of a mother; one through natural birth while the other by the Caesarean process. Wondering who the two were and why are they being talked of here? Because, they were the two brothers, India and Pakistan, who were brought to existence and also separated simultaneously by the Britishers. Despite both being the parts of the same mother, they are presently at loggerheads with each other. Both the nations exemplify enmity for the whole world. The nation celebrating its independence on the 14th August is hated by the nation celebrating it on the 15th August. Both the nations are independent, yet a slave since seventy years to their hatred for each other.

I am a proud Indian and a staunch lover of my nation, but I don’t hate my neighbouring nation, Pakistan. Shocked? Well! Most of my countrymen wouldn’t take even a minute to label me anti-national because of my words. As is evident, in India you ought to hate Pakistan to prove your patriotism and loyalty towards your nation. This biased patriotism is an internal tumour that will kill the essence of true patriotism, if not stopped from growing.

I love my nation, I respect its dignity and I am a patriot; but I don’t hate Pakistan and nor will I ever change my sentiments. Love cannot flourish in the same heart where hatred also resides. I admire Pakistani culture , its rich musical heritage, and its heartwarming literature by its immortal artists. Simultaneously, I am equally proud of my Indian culture and heritage.

I am not startled by Indians’ hatred for Pakistan, but its superficiality evokes my grief. On one hand, they’ll abuse Pakistan for violating ceasefire at the borders, while on the other they’re found reminiscing Pakistani songs and enjoying tranquility through the lyrics. What kind of a patriotism is this? You hate your neighbour nation but also love the artists produced by it? If you really hate the nation, boycott every single thing of that nation in stead of partially being in love with the nation’s product.


Patriotism does not means you have to hate another nation for proving your love for your nation.
I am an Indianand I don’t hate Pakistan. This in no way can belittle my love for India.


Let’s free India from the clutches of hatred for the nation behind the fenced borders.

Happy Independence Day.

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