Grandiose wedding ceremonies of India leads to whopping outlays


If we talk about the weddings of big business houses of our country, it will make us feel the citizen of the richest country in the world. A single wedding of these big business entrepreneurs costs around 200-400 billion bucks. Some well-known politicians are also on the bullet mark. If I screed about Bollywood weddings then most of the Bollywood stars wed lavishly. The estimated average cost mounts to 5-50 billion bucks and more. Wedding ceremonies in India are not just a ceremony to be done but a big liability. Have you checked your bank balance to meet the ordinary and extra ordinary expenses, to catch up the pace of the latest trends, to follow the necessary or unnecessary customs? If not, then you are in a big trouble. A big fat Indian wedding starts from an average expense of 50 million bucks if it has to be done in a metro city. If we talk about small towns and cities, at an average, a middle-class family spends 5-10 million. Well, it is not a mandatory to make it grand but usually, we do not stop making it. we can’t stop ourselves to step in the parity of big fat weddings.
An excitement to spend unlimited on a wedding to make it memorable for the attendants could be seen in the groom and bride too. Opulent mandap decorations, Ostentatious varmala ritual, a variety of Indian and international cuisines, glorifying bridal and groom attires, extravagant photo shoots, expensive gems and jewelry, and much more to be added. A rich class Indian family can spend a part of their cram-full bank balance to follow the trends but what about those middle-class families, who spent their limited life long savings into so-called tantrums. A father takes a loan against his ancestral property or a mother goes to a mortgage against her old jewelry, and somehow they bear the tombing bills of weddings. In most of the cases, all these tantrums end up with complaining relatives.
There are few appreciable couples who decide to tie knots in the simplest way like court marriage. They aren’t aliens but they know their capabilities to afford, so they choose their own unique way. Without giving a damn to the relatives and society they prefer the safer and better ways to mingle up.
The point here is not why to spend on marriages but why to spend while suffering from the inadequacy of funds. Your valuable life long savings can be better invested in a constructive manner, so that you can enjoy the fruits later. One should understand that after the shower of this glam lights, your relatives and society forget and move on but your own way blocks. Those speed breakers might cost you much more than you can imagine. So think bigger, and better.

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