Get Angry, There’s Nothing Wrong In It


A simple five letter word holds so much importance in our life. Some might say that all anger does is ruin our lives. But then, ruining someone’s life is not an easy task at all. For this very reason, the fact that a simple five letter word holds that power sounds even more astonishing.

You must have heard people say how they want to fall in love one day or how they yearn to experience that moment of bliss. Some want to fill the world with laughter while some even wish to feel the tears in their eyes. Anger, on the other hand, is a completely unwanted emotion. No one really wakes up thinking they just want to be angry the whole day. And yet, they do get angry.

So then, why do we get angry?

Sadly, there’s no exact answer here.

We read something in the morning paper, we get angry.

We don’t get the morning paper, we get angry.

Someone says something to us, we get angry.

Someone doesn’t say something we want, and then also we get angry.

As amazing as it may sound, anger comes very easily to us.

Someone once said that war is nothing but a little moment of madness. Similarly, it’s those tiny little things which drive the bigger emotion called anger.

Let’s do a little exercise today.

Strain your brains a little and recall your yesterday. From the moment you woke up to the time when you got lost in the world of dreams, just allow the memory to roll back to you. Once it does, count the moments when you were happy, when you were sad, and finally when you were angry. Now, I know there are many more emotions than this, but let’s just focus on these three for now.

So, which emotion scored the most?

On most days, the answer would be anger. Yes, an unwanted emotion makes up most of our day. The realization is painful but true.

What can we do then? Can we curb the most prominent of our emotions? Can be resolved not too angry no matter what happens? Well, maybe we can. But how long we can sustain it is a pretty big question. After all, however, evolved we might be, we still lack the power to control our emotions.

In my opinion, the uncertainty of it all is what makes being a human so beautiful. You never know which emotion you’ll feel the next moment.

So, keep smiling to your life, shed the tears when needed, fall in love, get jealous; do whatever you feel. And the most important of them all, keep getting angry on something or the other.

Yes, get angry. There’s nothing wrong in it. But don’t ever allow the emotion to drive your future actions. Don’t allow that anger to turn into one of those little moments of madness which could start a war.

You may not be able to control your emotions, but you can control what those emotions make you do.

Snatch your controls back from your emotions!


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