Game of Readers

A book can never be imagined without its readers. Readers come first even before the birth of any book by an author. In short, readers make writers and writers make books. However, the world of readers and the relation between readers and book are going through a slight diversion.

Gone are days of bookworms when people used to read the books for curiosity, interest, knowledge, and entertainment. A book enthusiast has been lost in the crowd of eBook readers, reviewers and book promoters.
Nowadays, the parameters have been changed for readers to read a book. People these days are running behind Amazon best sellers and top reviews, irrespective of the authenticity of reviews, rankings, storyline and other aspects of the book. They are stuck to the trends, numbers, and stats.

It won’t be incorrect to say that the whole credential and marketing of a book is now confined to Amazon ratings and rankings which are, for sure, a game of stats and money. No matters how much knowledge one has about the subject, a guy having an Amazon and Goodreads account or blog claim to be a reviewer and charges for reviewing a book. Such reviews and ratings mislead the readers and consequently, they get deprived of worth readings and quality books.

Few readers are bound to their favorite authors only and they do not feel necessary to taste some other genre or author. Ultimately, they become stereotyped and never get versatility reading the same kind of books.
If this game of readers keeps going on as it is, then those days are not far when authors would have to use tactics and money for every single rating, ranking, and review. So, don’t be in rat race and favoritism. Try as more author as you can but, be sensible enough to read what deserves your standard.

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