Fidelity of freedom

Needless to say, Independence Day is the most significant day in the calendar of Indian history and so for the citizen of India. On August 15, 2018, India would successfully complete 71 years of Independence and perpetuate the accolade of a proud nation. Just like every year, the Independence Day celebration will be held at all the government offices, business establishments, schools, colleges, and institutions. However, how deeply we hold the sense about the independence is still a pragmatic question.

Independence Day is celebrated to commemorate the freedom of India from British rule but, what is the meaning ‘Freedom’?

Mostly, the people come up with the thought of democracy in the reference of freedom because whenever the term ‘freedom’ hits to our ears, the first probable word which appears in our mind is the democracy. So, does the democracy mean freedom or independence? The answer is no. Freedom is not that you are living in a democratic country with certain fundamental rights of freedom. Moreover, the democracy is not absolute enough to hold the actual sense of freedom. Even in a democracy, there are several infringements of freedom which are made to meet various propagandas. So, what the freedom actually is?

‘Freedom’ is a very subjective term which is quite difficult to specify on the parameters. The roots of freedom are much more grounded than one can think of. If you want to extract the actual sense of freedom, you have to anticipate the basic normalcy of freedom. A world consisting of 195 countries with 7.6 billion population is highly diversified in terms of social and cultural aspects. In India, there are many religion, caste, community, and culture which build a heterogeneous society altogether. Nevertheless, if a person sitting in north India wishes to have south Indian meal in the dinner, he/she can have without any prohibition. If a Hindu wants to pray in the mosque or church, he/she can go without any frisk and taboo. These might sound trivial but, this is somewhat the depth of freedom that every citizen of the country holds the power of choice and no restrictions are implemented on their sustainability.

Let’s simplify what is conveyed above. Despite being a country with so many diversities, the people of India have the freedom to breathe in a free air and fulfill their basic necessity as the way they want. In simplest words, freedom is the power which enables every individual to sustain their life with all the basic needs at their own choices irrespective of the diversity. This is what the actual freedom we are indulged with and to celebrate the Independence Day in the best way is to respect the values of freedom.

A famous quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero says:

“What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes.”

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