Fathers, the Backstage Superstars

“Your mother’s day post got many likes, didn’t it?”


“Wow, this poem for friendship day is nice.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Really? Who writes a Valentine’s day post for their ex- girlfriend?”

“Argh… Why are you checking my FB dad?”

“No, no, I’m just scrolling through, wondering if you’d write something for me as well tomorrow.”

“I don’t know Dad. We’ve never really shared that kind of connection.”


“I mean, mom, she is…, you know what I mean. I was always going to write something for her.”

“That’s true.”

“And my friends. What can I say about them? That trip to Manali was the best time of my life!”

“And do you remember the week before that trip? How you were fighting with your mom?”

“Ya, she was adamant not to let me go. She was just concerned about me.”

“So who do you think convinced her to let you have the best time of your life?”

“Yeah, you did. But…”

“And what about that Valentine’s Day post?”

“I know, I know, not many wish their ex that day. Well, she was really special, dad.”

“I know son. When a studious topper skips classes to go to movies with a girl, I can assume she must be special.”

“What? You knew?”

“Yes. Just like I knew where you went on Sundays in the name of group study.”

“I still can’t believe you know it all. Wow…”

“Your mom is not the only one who can keep your secrets, you see.”

“But, why didn’t you say anything then? No scolding? No stopping?”

“Why should I? It’s your life son. You write the script and you act it out. Yes, if you forget some dialogues, I’m here to prompt them to you. But, I’m not supposed to direct your whole life.”


*next day*

*son’s Facebook status*

Our fathers may not always be the lead actors in the play of our life. But they’re the ones who handle the entire backstage singlehandedly.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the Backstage Superstars”

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  1. Wow! Indeed… They are… Though we never care to acknowledge their role in our lives but still they are quite important…
    Beautiful story magician…

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