Dealing Breakup

The pacing generation is fighting the situations wisely. In today’s world, the youth is keen focussed on their career and making the world a better place to live in. The emotions are less, the affection is weakening, the feelings are dwindling. The people are becoming practical, realistic and reasonable but still, there are people who are struggling in relationships. At some point, we all need a person to rely upon. So, in the same world of emotionless expressions, true love also exists and breakups happen. It’s not easy and It can never be to cope up the despairing situations which make you despondent and leave you crestfallen. In the process of not to appear lugubrious and doleful people fake smile. They think they are following the right path by masking their real emotions, by burying their face in the pillow to cry but not to face reality. It doesn’t work, it just widens the nuisance, muddles the complications, stretches the pain and dilemma. So the first thing that one should follow to deal with the situations wisely is to know one’s importance.


You are important – Most of the time we forget our purpose and begin to circle around the limitations we created but life is much more than we imagine. All we need to do is to step beyond the limitations. We need to know that only we can do that. Life is waiting for us to embrace beyond that one person we assume our whole world resides in.


Time never comes back –  It is a well-framed phrase that time never comes back. We have only one life so make it the best. If you have left a person or the person has left you, there is a reason. That reason doesn’t end your life instead it gives you ground and impetus. Make that reason your weapon. If you can’t axe that reason, never let that reason axe you.


You will be healed – Time is the strongest healer. It mends you and restores everything so give yourself some time. Don’t think that your world has stopped revolving. Broken hearts are difficult to be mended but they still can survive. Survival is not only the objective instead they live a better life with better perception and convictions.


Indulge yourself in activities  – Involve yourself in any kind of work. Make an objective and purpose. Having a relationship with work is the most reliable connection. The more you work,  the more it leads toward your destination and dreams.  You don’t have to follow the rules and conducts of a broken heart. Life is much more beautiful. Open your eyes and see it.


Another relationship is never a solution – It is a misconception that if you are ended up with one, you can start another relationship to forget the former one. Having a relationship is not a robotic activity. There is no switch to on or off. Love just happens, you cannot make it happen. So, it is insanity if you instantly bump into another relationship willingly just because you need to fill the void. That would be unfair and your justness would be doubted. You don’t need a shoulder to cry on. Rather than stuffing the emptiness with another person, spend time with yourself, with your family and friends. Give yourself time to balance the situations. Love happens twice but let it happen intrinsically.


Unveil the emotions to your family – Remember there are people to whom you mean the entire world and those are your parents. Often times, when we are in relationships, we barely spend time with our parents. When we are left alone, we stop conversing them too. We hide things, hold back our tears and behind the closed doors, we become solo battler. We forget that they have faced the worst and the best. They can see beyond all the frailties you carry for they know better. Acquaintance with and exposure to the family is a much better way to overcome and eliminate the predicament. Their experiences always work. They are life supporters.


Do not broadcast your personal problems on social media  – Instead of publicizing the hassle on social media, fight against it with your inner strength and courage. People on social media are not going to hold your hands or show you the right path. It’s you who is harrowed so there is no point to advertise your pain.



Failure is a lesson even if it happens in a relationship – Every failure is a powerful source that learns you a lesson. A relationship failure too. Pick that lesson up to calm down the mayhem whirling inside your heart and mind. If it cannot keep you cheerful, if it is not inspiring, stimulating and motivating. If it cannot be felt, you had done justice to yourself by vacating the place, by walking away from that particular relationship. No other person should be powerful enough to destroy the peace and tranquility within you. If you allow him/her to, you are treating wrongly to yourself.


A true warrior is the one who rises up against the tornado. You don’t have to fight the world but just the person you were. Improve yourself instead of changing others. Never let your confidence dwindle.




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