Dare to walk on the Road Not Taken




As the results of the school examinations are announced, the students are found all muddled up and perplexed about the next way towards career that they should choose. Making a wise selection of the subjects is of vital importance yet a majority of the students fail to pick up the suitable subject and end up messing their lives and minds.

Most of them go for Maths and Science just to show their extraordinary prowess to the mighty world. Even if they are not willing to pretend what they are not, stereotypes of the society push them to take a leap forward. The lives of the students are shoved into the mad rat race in lure of money, fame, and reverence. For the society we live in, the best match for the ambition and future of any student are medical or engineering. Even if one could stretch the minds, the acceptance is further elongated to commerce. If someone desires to pursue a career that does not fall under the category of the traditional pursuits, he is thrashed and criticized. It is rather a tough job to muster the courage to embark on a journey which is unique. To be able to carve a niche for yourself through a bohemian stream is a daunting task. There is no denying the fact that the fruit of success ripens only when one makes consistent efforts.

Hard and Honest Work Pays Off.

The ubiquitous stone becomes precious and a rare piece of sparkling diamond only when it is subjected to a tremendous amount of heat and pressure. To leave a trail behind and garner copious appreciation and recognition, you should make concrete efforts in the right direction. The orthodox mindset of the society breeds unsuccessful folks who are even frustrated from their lives.

Some conventions beget devastation.

The colossal pressure that pervades the life of a student and controls his decision-making abilities drives him to walking on a path leading to a dead end. To choose the Road Not Taken is significant of one’s audacity but at times the unavoidable situations of life leave one with no other option but to chase the crowd. The harsh reality plunges numerous lives into unfathomable chaos.

The need to earn money to make the two ends meet divest many people of pursuing their dreams. The alluring prospects of a bright future impede the innate talents to show up.

Lack of wisdom and a deep insight into one’s own self is another crucial reason that keeps people aloof from accomplishing their personal goals.

Each one of our decisions mirrors the upbringing we receive or the environment we get during our metamorphosis. For a holistic development of a child’s personality, it is imperative to provide a conducive atmosphere for the growth of his intellect. It is agreeable that growth is painful but staying stuck somewhere our hearts doesn’t lie is more torturous.

Change is inevitable is a cliché adage that sums up the most important lesson of life.

If you want to reach the pinnacle of success and taste the delectable fruit of bliss, you need to leave your comfort zone.

Nothing comes easy; Nothing is impossible.

Another thing worth mentioning is even if one spent a good amount of his life pulling it with great difficulty, remember, you are never too late to reinvent yourself.

FOR  THE  SOCIETY – Please accept the changes. The era needs evolution for the fresh beginnings and ideas. Pave the way for the young prodigies to flourish.

FOR  THE  PARENTS – Agreed that you are considerate for the future of your child and the critical remarks from people annoy you but please accept the individuality of your child. Their mind needs nourishment. Give ample freedom to let them decide for themselves and be supportive enough to direct them towards the path of righteousness. Inculcate knowledge in them so that they are capable of taking the wise decisions.

FOR  THE  CHILDREN –  Buddies, the fact remains intact that the prime motive behind the profession we choose is the money. The monetary benefits block the way of our creativity but just give it a thought that how elated you’ll be after the 10 years recounting that you chose a life and didn’t settle for it.


Our glorious history is replete with examples and illustrations where the people, irrespective of their dismal living conditions, continued to tread the path that gave them contentment. Munshi Premchand, a classic Indian writer, is one such illustrious personality known for his notable works. He spent his whole life drowned in the gloom of poverty. But his obstinacy to produce the grim reality via his ink kept his morale upright.

What it demands is guts and oodles of strong will-power to chase your dreams, a determination that could not be faded away in spite of hardships.

In a nutshell,

Create a life you don’t need to take a vacation from.

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