When you Choose to be parents out of fear

When I was attaining my degrees, I remember my classmates fusing about career and marriage. Some of my friends’ parents were worried about their career and some about marriage. Marriage and career are two different aspects but they would correlate them. Some wanted their daughters to get married. The reason was the growing age of the daughters. After the eldest one, they have her siblings lined up to get married. They believe that after a certain age, it would be strenuous to look for a perfect match for them. Another fear was the career of their sons. What if they won’t settle financially now? How would they get a perfect match?
So, age and money were the biggest factors that boost the unwelcome weddings. People marry out of fear. Yes, many of us do, since we are taught this way. If you won’t marry at the right age, you will have to compromise later. And the fear continues. We accept the dogmas. A journey begins with a timidity. Then a phase comes when people start asking you if you and your husband are trying for a baby? They keep on granting unnecessary advice on how to bring a baby into the world. Mothers legitimize the dreadful consequences of not attaining the pregnancy earlier.
You will be explained the relevance of early motherhood. The concomitant worries develop and we follow the fabricated pathways. We choose to become parents out of our own fears. We choose to say yes when we are not even assured of it. We choose to change diapers when we aren’t even prepared to wipe the dribbling saliva of the baby.
Parenthood is not a mandatory ritual after marriage but still, it has been made. In such a case we bring up a child in the same manner following the rituals. Parenthood is a blessing. One should accept it as a want not need. Because in that case, it results in frustration. The frustration that grows out of not doing what we literally wanted to do. We keep reminding our children, what we have sacrificed for them earlier and during their upbringing. We forget that the children are not responsible for that. Perhaps, we didn’t choose what we wanted to choose for us in real.
Motherhood should be attained only if you are mental, physically and spiritually prepared for it. One should never go for it because society and relatives have given you irrelevant, inconsequential reasons. Once you choose to be a mother and father, park your thoughts in the right position. Never ever feel repentant about it later. The children should never sustain the poundage of the sacrifices of your own aspirations, which you chose to abandon.
In the end, it’s about you, your spouse and your child. Make choices, make decisions, make mistakes, take the responsibility for those mistakes rather than claiming your parents and society for your own failures. A righteous, timely, purposeful decision can help you to establish a better life to raise your children blithely.


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