Chetan Bhagat – the new inspiration

The Indian population comprises of 65% youths i.e. the ones who are aged under 35. In fact, almost 50% of Indians are below the age of 25. This implies that India has got a huge number of working population. If one considers the current picture of India, it is enjoying a notable demographic dividend. It is emerging as one of the strongest countries. Youths constitute a major part of India’s growing strength.

Previously, the readership didn’t have visible existence. Many people were not into reading. They found reading books hard and even uninteresting.

But then….

Chetan Bhagat came and a new era of readership ensued…

Yes, this man who has been widely criticized for producing monotonous crap and insensible stuff replete with sexually explicit content and oodles of simplicity ushered the Youths of India into the world of reading.

Chetan represented the Youths and their aspirations, ambitions, and frustration. His books have no uniqueness yet they brought a miraculous change in the scenario. The new generation could easily identify with his undeserving books and this catapulted him to the pinnacle of fame and success. He can be rightly considered as the torchbearer of the new reading culture in India. The sensational writer has inspired many others to read and give words to their thoughts.

An IITian and IIM alumnus Chetan tapped consumer psyche and produced content that was relatable and accessible to masses. His novels are appropriate to be framed as typical Bollywood movies as they encompass the description of elite institutes of India, the struggle of students to get into them, their frustrated lives, their sexual fantasies, relationships, spicy love making, political conundrum, and dreams. The stories are written in lucid English and juicy plotline adds to the interest of readers. His target audience got satisfied, they praised him and the man rose to fame.

With his fame, he earned heavy criticism. The intellectuals argued as to why and how this silly man made it to the list of best-selling authors?

Well, the answer is hidden in the question itself. The man made a wise use of his MBA degree and thus, proposed wonderful marketing strategies to his publishers to draw such grand popularity. He leveraged the power of social media for his own good, interacted with people and established himself on the social platform. He proved that he is a good seller, a good marketer. He, who knows how to sell his abilities in the current scenario, will definitely make it to the top notch position in India.

Kudos to the man for selling his books so well!


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