Celebrate, but with care!

People watched with curious eyes as a procession filled the main street. Some gathered in their balconies, while the others peeked through their windows. Even the usually rushing people turned their heads around to steal a glance at the center of attraction.

A big Ganesha idol!

The elephant-god towered over the light poles, as it watched the devotees dance in front of it. A music system, as big as the god itself, played the latest bollywood numbers. And the so-called devotees jumped in their places, all their hands pointing to the sky.

As if it was not enough, a long row of vehicles trotted behind. These were the more considerate of the travelers who chose to stay behind the procession; rather than taking an alternate route. Probably bored by the tunes of DJ, they started to compose a music of their own – honks.

In their battle to be the loudest, both – the dancing devotees and the bored honkers – overlooked the hospital lying just across the street. Its windows rattled and the equipment shook from the vibrations of that music. And inside, the hearts of all the patients thumped like never before.

“So, what’s new in that?” some of you may ask, “Such things happen every year.” I totally agree with you. There’s nothing amusing in that. But, just think for a moment and ask it to yourself, would you ask the same question if one of the patient was your relative? Of course not!

It’s a shame how we only notice the problems that concern us. If we are troubled by it, then yes, it is a problem. Otherwise, it’s just another everyday event that we turn a blind-eye to. That’s a thing for some other day though. We have a bigger issue on hand today.

Is it really necessary to make all that noise for an idol? Can’t you just chant its name in your heart? Or do you fear that the god might not hear you?

To all those people who say that god resides in all of us, I’d say, what bullshit! Do we use a hoard of speakers to speak in our house? No. Then why do we need them while speaking to god.

The only logical explanation that I can think of is, God is really very far away from us. And the more you try to get near it, the farther it gets.

So please, stop trying.

Let us utilize our energy to help the living around us, rather than waste it for a quiescent idol. It’s for us to decide now. What is more important for us – to dance in front of that idol, or to let the fellow humans sleep peacefully?

Night burned into glory
The moon was about to rise
Silence would have been the king
But the humans turned up their voice

Pulling their skyscraper idols
They beat the drums to death
Dancing in the farewell party
Some even lost their breath

But no, they didn’t mind
It was their faith which drove them forward
Ignoring all the other threats
It was their belief which they showered

They turned the night into day
Not a care about the world
In their dictionaries that night
Celebration was the only world

They passed by the hospitals
Ignoring the ailing patients
They got into quarrels with commuters
Testing their pool of patience

And it was all for those idols
The ones they carved themselves
Then they went around shouting
“In these the god dwells.”

Oh, you ignorant humans
When will you understand
God ain’t that feeble
To be caged in your sand

So please oh dear humans
Stop running around like mad
Enjoy your holy celebrations
But celebrate with a sense of care

Yes, celebrate,
But with care!

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