Who Should Our Idols Really Be?

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Like a coin always has two sides, there are always two kinds of people that adorn this land of humans. The good ones. The bad ones. We’ve all traditionally sided by the good side, haven’t we? We’ve always idolizes the ones who’ve changed the world, who’ve stamped their name on the world, who’ve left the […]

PADMAN- A constructive concept

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I was thirteen then. We were in school, attending our science class. Ours was a co-educational school. I exactly remember the page no.129, that we were on. The chapter was on ‘Genetics’ and the topic was ‘Menstruation and Menopause’. As our teacher began to explain, we girls (most of us) dug our heads into the […]

Dear New Year, Happy Birthday!

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Dear New Year, Happy Birthday! You might not know this, but you’re one of those children who are extremely famous even before their birth. We children usually get our big birthday party after spending a year in this place. But you, you’re different. Look around the world. Look how the people threw big parties for […]

She has Changed for Herself!

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SHE is Power! Pain is inevitable and so its comparison with a woman. Darkness finds its home in the life of a woman. She inhales this bleak energy. She’s made to live the agony and the helplessness. No matter how much the world progresses, the patriarchal society still frowns upon the desire of a woman […]

The A to Z of Life

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Addicting us to itself Life makes those unknown bonds And we, the mighty characters Stage the great drama We make it more expressive We seek the cushion of friendship And soon those glorious people Fill our life with happiness I, Me, and myself Jealousy creeps in even faster In that jumbled kaleidoscope Life throws the love‘s roster And […]

Brain Drain in India

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Brain Drain in India Brain Drain is simply defined as the phenomenon where the qualified citizens of a nation leave it in lure of better shots in other countries. Their escape might be for few months or could even last for their entire lives when they decide to permanently settle there. India has suffered greatly […]