Breathing Bad

The shade of white is irking,
Purity of your soul feels suffocating,
Having people meddle over it,
Till you ran out of fingers to count.
Wounded and helpless,
Thoughts rambling in your mind,
People looking down on you,
The sight, nauseating.
There is a tiny bubble of joy forming in your head,
You smile,
There is a noticeable grin this time.
Digging deep into yourself,
Burning the pieces one by one,
You await the devil’s call.
Surrendering to him,
Learning the tricks from the master himself,
You crush hearts under your feet.
The emotions slowly,
Making way out of you.
The evil has been summoned.
A feeling is created which is,
Very hard to fathom.
Dominating you from within,
You breath bad,
Killing everyone with the venom.

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