Book Review – When Opposites Meet by Sachin Garg.

Genre – Romantic Fiction
Publisher – HarperCollins Publications
Pages – 205

When Opposites Meet has a very interesting story line. The events have been linked perfectly and the pace of the story increases after few pages and the events occur quickly.

The book is about how opposites can find their connections between each other, i.e. Emotionally opposite, Socially opposite and Physically opposite. What I loved the most is how the love relation and connection is being perfectly penned down irrespective of which generation they belong to. Talking and describing society issues and challenges, it was very interesting to read this book to look up how things close by the end of it.

Language used in the book is fluent and goes smoothly with the given narration. Narration is in third person narrative and the book is without any grammatical mistakes.

It was an interesting experience to read how two opposite characters were falling for reach other. The character development is also done quiet well and so are the emotions perfectly portrayed.
Plot is interesting with engaging story line and that’s what makes you hooked with the book.

Few Quotes from the book –

• Just because you want to help someone doesn’t mean whatever way you choose to help him would work for him. Or if he even wants to be helped.

• Indian law and every law in the world will assign different punishment in each instances. You know why? Because intention is as important as the crime itself.

• I’ve always believed that love is not what you say. Love is what you do.

• She realized that it was nothing but her mind showing resistance to change.


– Kinjal Parekh

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