Book Review – Tuesdays with Morrie

Book – Tuesdays with Morrie
Author – Mitch Albom
*must read*
“An old man, a young man,
And life’s greatest lesson.”
A true story of an old, wise and a patient teacher who even on his death-bed kept passing on his great wisdom and much-needed teachings which no wonder illuminated paths of Mitch forever.
That’s what teachers do, don’t they?
The book starts at a slow pace, making the readers familiar of how exactly ALS disease changed Morrie’s lifestyle forever.
How after almost more than a decade, Mitch found his way back to his teacher who told him nothing but the truth of the real life, the truth of the material world, death, fear, greed, family, forgiveness, marriage, society and many more things.
Mitch visited Morrie in his study every Tuesday, just as they used to back in college. Their rekindled relationship turned into one final ‘class’: lessons in how to live.
Morrie’s story left me in tears and even made me laugh along his journey. The warmth of belonging’ness, unconditional love is the treasure of this book.
Wouldn’t you like to see that person again, ask the bigger questions that still haunt you, somewhere when your insights fade?
Mitch Albom has given the best possible gift and tribute Morrie Schwartz.
Do not miss out on this perfect novel! The words will make you think, question and re-think your life-issues only to let you out of the mess.
Few Quotes –
• “Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them, too – even when you’re in the dark. Even when you are falling.”
• “Learn how to die, and you learn how to live.”
• “Sometimes, when you’re losing someone, you hang on to whatever tradition you can.”
• “Death ends life, not a relationship.”
• “None of us can undo what we’ve done, or relive the life already recorded. But my processor Morris Schwartz taught me this – there’s no such thing as “too late” in life.”
• “But giving to other people is what makes me feel alive. Not my car or my house. Not what I look like in the mirror. When I give my time, when I can make someone smile after they were feeling sad, it’s as close to healthy than I ever feel.”
– KinjalParekh ❤
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