Book Review – Hell! No Saints in Paradise by A. K. Asif

Book – Hell! No Saints in Paradise
Author – A. K. Asif
Publisher – Harper Collins
Genre – Urban Fiction, Fantasy
No. of pages – 347
About the book –
Hell! No Saints in Paradise is about a Pakistan-American student, Ismael, who is on his journey to discover the truth about Paradise and Hell.
Ismal is asked to visit Pakistan, his birth place and re kindle his relation with his father and in turn is promised to be given help regarding his quest of Heaven and Hell.
On his this spiritual journey to complete his thesis, will be able to come to a conclusion or would lose himself in this journey? Will he be able to gain the trust of his father – an extremist in the Caliphate?
Review –
This book will test your patience. The book is a very fast paced yet you might feel that the story is going no where. But by the end of the book everything will make sense.
The first half of the story will keep you engaged  with small but significant incidents which will leave you in shock and will amaze you at the same time. The book is error free and has fluency in language and gives an insight to various thoughts and beliefs in Islam religion.
Few events in this book left me in speechless. And for the matter of fact that this story’s time line is year 2050 makes it more thought provoking. Being a very fresh take on such topic, the story is not so predictable. It was difficult to guess what will happen next. But the story goes on seamlessly and effortlessly. The narrative kept me engaged and the way A.K. Asif have penned down the words gave quite a unique experience to read such a book. Especially the conclusive chapter. Filled with philosophies, the last chapter somewhere gave me a sense of relief and making all my reading time worth it!
Told you, this book will test your patience but by the end, everything will make sense which is exactly what A.K.Asif said in this book.
Making the statement and it’s understanding on takings of Hell and Heaven, Ismael is going to keep you on the edge to find out if such stages even exist for which humans had started killing humans to ensure their place at the highest rank in Paradise.
Readers wanting to read a different story to give a new dimension to your though, count on this book.
Few Quotes –
Appearance can be deceptive.
• Self discovery can be a bitch.
• Failure is not an option and obedience thwarts many a catastrophe.
• A life without a worthy goal is all but wasted. You’d be bored to death here.
• Death comes at appointed time – not a second late, not a second early.
• It’s all within. The while Cosmos.
– Kinjal Parekh

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