Bond with your Siblings on a Road Trip with ‘Tripling’

What comes on your mind, when you hear the word – ‘Road Trip’? You visualize a group of friends chilling out and having the time of their lives. Have you considered bonding with your siblings on a road trip? Sounds boring, no?

You will change your mind after watching the web series ‘Tripling’. Ever since the first season came out in the year 2016, it has created waves in the colossal world of internet and constantly been featured as one of the best web-series to watch. It was praised for its refreshing plot-lines, great sound track and stellar performances by the leads.

‘Tripling’ revolves around the life of 3 siblings – Chandan (Sumeet Vyas), Chanchal (Maanvi Gagroo) and Chitvan(Amol Parashar). The recently divorced Chandan is the protective brother, a strategic planner who plans things in advance to get things done. Unlike his older brother, Chitvan is known for constantly fucking up plans. He is a DJ (well, almost 😉 ) and apparently in a cat and mouse chase with the bank having failed to pay the installment of his car. The two of them have mistaken Chanchal’s life to be the most sorted among them. When they reach her place in Jodhpur, things are not what they seem. The Rani sa of Jodhpur,  Chanchal has to live up to the expectations of her husband and his subjects. A fight follows between the three and Chanchal’s husband, Pranav (Kunaal Roy Kapur) which forces them to hit the road. They embark on a journey of a life time and the siblings bond over grief. A visit to the ancestral roots solves all of their worries. But what is life without any problems? Their lives are as messed up as they were before.

“Aagey ka itna mat socho ki abka mazaa na le pao”

Cut to the present, Chandan has become an author and is touring the world for his book titled ‘Tripling’. Not only that, his book is being made into a major motion picture. Chitvan is the central character of his book. He is a far cry from his younger self – courtesy, his girlfriend errm, partner (played by Kubra Sait) . Things are not rosy as they seem as the book has received brick-bats from the royal family of Jodhpur. Chanchal is determined to save the royal lineage. Moreover, Chandan has invited the wrath of his sister.  Even after her repeated pleas, he doesn’t stop the production of the movie and is adamant on his stance.  Embarrassed by the current happenings, Pranav has left the palace. The situation becomes  dire when a member of the royal family falsely accuses Chanchal of murdering her husband. The media creates a huge debacle. To escape from the averse conditions, the trio hit the road again to find Pranav and save Chanchal from incurring the wrath of the royal family.

The siblings – Chitvan, Chandan and Chanchal

Sumeet Vyas  essays the role of a protective older brother perfectly. Maanvi Gagroo is convincing as the grief-stricken queen. Amol Parashar portrays varied shades of his character with elan and emerges as the scene stealer. He is not only excellent in his role as a stoner but also as a caring father.

Prince Alexander (Gajraj Rao) and his gorgeous begum Zainab (Shwetha Tripathi), private detective Satyen Bisht (Rajit Kapoor) are the other characters that contribute significantly to the main plot and change the course of the story. Alexander and Zainab had an unusual relationship. The love they had for one another was not something that made the other go weak in their knees but one that grew stronger with time. Their dynamic could have been explored more.

The musical composition has more variation than the previous season. The soundtrack is a mixture of Ghazal, Rajasthani, Classical, Contemporary and Bengali music styles. The current season can be watched as a standalone series but you won’t get some of the references if you haven’t watched the previous season. If this doesn’t give you a reason to binge watch both the seasons, then what does?

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