I miss you, Maa!

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I wish I could have told you back then, Told you that how much, How much I Love You! How much I love your hand over my head. How much I love the way you used to wake me up every morning for school. How I loved the way you used to smile every time […]

Mr. Trump’s Concerned!

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As the world celebrates ‘Environment Day’, the greatest nation of the world folds its arms and looks over the proceedings of the other nations. The ‘Paris Climate Change Deal’, an agreement in which the involved countries determine, plan and regularly report their contribution they should do in order to mitigate global warming, has become the […]

Need for value based education.

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“Knowledge is the essence of society which is passed from one generation to another.” Everybody is running recklessly behind an unseen truth. Today we all are focused on appearing in exams and clearing it somehow. Only a few look for the true importance of books in our lives. Have you ever thought of the state […]


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Sometimes, you may find her sobbing in the darkest corner of her room, another moment you may find her laughing with her children, family and mates. This is not true that she is regretting for her cruel life, but she is not that pleased with her life, too. Particularly, in a country like ours if […]