Can Dhoni bring back his magic?

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“He is the best finisher in the world”, how often have we heard this statement being made about MS Dhoni. Quite a number of times I would say. He has just gone past the aussie great Adam Gilchrist and is only behind the Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara on the list of wicketkeepers who have scored the […]

Why Oscar is still a dream for Bollywood?

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Have you ever wondered why Bollywood is still following a circuitous route to reach to oscars. Indian film industry, releases more than 1000 films per year. High fidelity techniques, glamorous actors, million bucks production cost, entangling of the finest artists of the country, either in the field of direction or action, acting or production, still […]


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Hello people! I have a question for you today. How often do you talk with yourself? All alone? I am sure we all do have a talk to ourselves, but most of the time, our talk is limited to self-pity and complaining about stuffs we do not posses. But I am not asking this in […]

Wassup Bhopal!

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“Where there is a will, there is a way!” This cliché adage applies perfectly to the success stories. It emphasizes that if one possesses the grit and is driven by his passion to stand apart from the crowd, none can impede the path of his progress. The success is bound to embrace him. In the […]

From the Indian to the Indians!

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Have you ever heard these 5 statements from the Indian to the Indians? Few dialogues that we can never forget to blabber are: “Wo jagah itni saaf thi ki laga hi nahi, main India mein hu…” Some Indians, sometimes refuse to believe, they are in India, and the reason seems to be hilarious. Pinch yourself to […]

The Dilemma of Selecting a College


After finishing school, every student has a dream to get into the best colleges of his chosen stream. The whole process starts with visiting sites of each college and intense research work on the offered courses, placement records, and the available facilities. However, this trip turns out to be somewhat exhilarating for the students with […]

Results: A set of numbers

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Every year, the month of June brings a lot of happiness, disappointment, praising and sorrow. It is that brutal month of the year when most of the results get declared. Millions and millions of aspirants with their dreams, appear in examinations after a year of hard work. But, a few sets of numbers spoil the […]

Swing Bowling: The Dying Art

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Fast bowling is one of the important facets of the game of cricket. And one of the most crucial elements of the fast bowling is Swing. The essence of swing bowling is to get the cricket ball to move sideways as it moves through the air towards (Inswing) or away (outswing) from the batter. From […]

I miss you, Maa!

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I wish I could have told you back then, Told you that how much, How much I Love You! How much I love your hand over my head. How much I love the way you used to wake me up every morning for school. How I loved the way you used to smile every time […]

Mr. Trump’s Concerned!

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As the world celebrates ‘Environment Day’, the greatest nation of the world folds its arms and looks over the proceedings of the other nations. The ‘Paris Climate Change Deal’, an agreement in which the involved countries determine, plan and regularly report their contribution they should do in order to mitigate global warming, has become the […]

Need for value based education.

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“Knowledge is the essence of society which is passed from one generation to another.” Everybody is running recklessly behind an unseen truth. Today we all are focused on appearing in exams and clearing it somehow. Only a few look for the true importance of books in our lives. Have you ever thought of the state […]


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Sometimes, you may find her sobbing in the darkest corner of her room, another moment you may find her laughing with her children, family and mates. This is not true that she is regretting for her cruel life, but she is not that pleased with her life, too. Particularly, in a country like ours if […]