The Cult of ‘Nice Garry’

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What started out as a mere shout of encouragement from Australian wicketkeeper Matthew Wade to Nathan Lyon, soon became a cult overnight. The repetitive use of ‘Nice Garry’ had a unique calling. It seemed to have started during South Africa’s tour of Australia in Nov 2016 when during the third test match, Matthew wade bacame […]

An Interview with Preeti Shenoy – The Bestselling Woman Writer of the Nation.

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Preeti Shenoy is counted amongst the finest writers of the nation. The lady with a number of best sellers to her name infuses magic to the fictional stories through her books. She redefined the terms of love, companionship, life and relationships. The words to reflect the author’s Trademark writing style which somewhere connect to the […]

Who Should Our Idols Really Be?

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Like a coin always has two sides, there are always two kinds of people that adorn this land of humans. The good ones. The bad ones. We’ve all traditionally sided by the good side, haven’t we? We’ve always idolizes the ones who’ve changed the world, who’ve stamped their name on the world, who’ve left the […]

PADMAN- A constructive concept

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I was thirteen then. We were in school, attending our science class. Ours was a co-educational school. I exactly remember the page no.129, that we were on. The chapter was on ‘Genetics’ and the topic was ‘Menstruation and Menopause’. As our teacher began to explain, we girls (most of us) dug our heads into the […]

A Cupid’s Tale

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‘Oh my dear Cupid, When will I find my mate?’ ‘Oh my dear Cupid, When will you change my fate?’ ‘Am I not worthy of love?’ ‘Don’t you care for me at all?’ ‘If you are the real Cupid, Why do make my heart stall?’ ‘Just remember, oh Cupid, If you don’t find me a […]

Live, because LIFE is worth living

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All alone I sit Brushing my only tooth Caressing it with care Delaying the inevitable truth Everything has left me slowly Filled my life with void Greedily I stay Holding the death behind It’s not like I ain’t tired Journey just keeps getting tough Kidney has failed, stomach complains Legs can’t handle the road rough […]

In Conversation with Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva

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Here’s an exclusive interview with the contemporary Author, Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva who authored an inspirational true story bringing out the plight of slum and street children, “Making Impossible Possible” published by Damick Publications. Let’s read what is her inspiration for writing it and a sneak peek into her life.   Damini: Tell me something more […]