An Interview with Preeti Shenoy – The Bestselling Woman Writer of the Nation.

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Preeti Shenoy is counted amongst the finest writers of the nation. The lady with a number of best sellers to her name infuses magic to the fictional stories through her books. She redefined the terms of love, companionship, life and relationships. The words to reflect the author’s Trademark writing style which somewhere connect to the […]

PADMAN- A constructive concept

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I was thirteen then. We were in school, attending our science class. Ours was a co-educational school. I exactly remember the page no.129, that we were on. The chapter was on ‘Genetics’ and the topic was ‘Menstruation and Menopause’. As our teacher began to explain, we girls (most of us) dug our heads into the […]

The Most Awaited Independence

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“Mera Bharat Mahaan?” why a big question mark lingers along? We are living in a kind of double standard society where one set of rules contradicts the other. A country where land has been named as ‘Mother India’ and somewhere an old mother is being ripped out from her own home, shows that mankind has […]

Why North-East is incredibly a spectacular part of India?

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The prodigious north-east, including the seven sisters and sikkim is sovereign and characteristic with unparalleled beauty, The great river Brahmaputra, mesmerizing tea gardens, picturesque step farming, nature loving people, top-notch scenic locations, diverse languages, admirable customs and traditions. Few reasons that make it more admirable are: 1-If it has to be defined, then the three […]

Why Oscar is still a dream for Bollywood?

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Have you ever wondered why Bollywood is still following a circuitous route to reach to oscars. Indian film industry, releases more than 1000 films per year. High fidelity techniques, glamorous actors, million bucks production cost, entangling of the finest artists of the country, either in the field of direction or action, acting or production, still […]

From the Indian to the Indians!

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Have you ever heard these 5 statements from the Indian to the Indians? Few dialogues that we can never forget to blabber are: “Wo jagah itni saaf thi ki laga hi nahi, main India mein hu…” Some Indians, sometimes refuse to believe, they are in India, and the reason seems to be hilarious. Pinch yourself to […]