Unemployed or not employable?

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“According to CMIE (Centre for monitoring Indian economy) report, India’s unemployment rate has risen up to 7.2 percent in February 2019.” Is unemployment India’s one of the biggest issues? Of course! Does India have not enough employment? Well, the answer of the second question may be quite surprising and it will compel you to rethink before […]

Fidelity of freedom

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Needless to say, Independence Day is the most significant day in the calendar of Indian history and so for the citizen of India. On August 15, 2018, India would successfully complete 71 years of Independence and perpetuate the accolade of a proud nation. Just like every year, the Independence Day celebration will be held at […]

Our love relationship


Being in a relationship or seeking for a relationship has become a trend these days. You would get considered incomplete and inhuman if you don’t have a relationship or hadn’t ever in past. Also, you can’t escape from your friends tagging you in memes and posts on social media. Can you? Probably, the relationship has […]

Game of Readers


A book can never be imagined without its readers. Readers come first even before the birth of any book by an author. In short, readers make writers and writers make books. However, the world of readers and the relation between readers and book are going through a slight diversion. Gone are days of bookworms when […]

The Aura of Authors…


Authors are one of the most underrated persons in our society if we ignore few exceptional cases of some renowned authors. Nowadays, authors are grossing decent collections of their books yet the word ‘Author’ is still not enrolled in the section of the profession by a majority of people. Most of the people think that […]

Results: A set of numbers

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Every year, the month of June brings a lot of happiness, disappointment, praising and sorrow. It is that brutal month of the year when most of the results get declared. Millions and millions of aspirants with their dreams, appear in examinations after a year of hard work. But, a few sets of numbers spoil the […]