I miss you, Dad.

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You worked all day. Fighting against the odds of your life You kicked the demons out Without even giving us a glimpse Of what you go through all day. If you are reading this dad, Maa has already given up on happy days. Bhai is crying and regretting for always arguing with you And I […]

Unexpressed Credits – Teachers

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‘Read a toddler’s notebook. a B C d e .. 1 2 3 4 .. Years later, Typed sentences, earned figures. Unexpressed Credits : Teachers.’ Time never stops. We keep growing, learning and keep reaching new heights. But in this fuzz we forget to thank few of the most important people who trained us, blessed […]

She is that girl.

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She is the girl who, Has no clue about dancing yet loves to dance even with no music on in her room. Who could possibly be the worst bathroom singer but never stops singing even on the street. Who listens to Eminem’s music but can go all along the way to listen to Taylor Swift’s […]


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Hello people! I have a question for you today. How often do you talk with yourself? All alone? I am sure we all do have a talk to ourselves, but most of the time, our talk is limited to self-pity and complaining about stuffs we do not posses. But I am not asking this in […]

Book Review – Tuesdays with Morrie

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Book – Tuesdays with Morrie Author – Mitch Albom *must read* “An old man, a young man, And life’s greatest lesson.” A true story of an old, wise and a patient teacher who even on his death-bed kept passing on his great wisdom and much-needed teachings which no wonder illuminated paths of Mitch forever. That’s […]

I miss you, Maa!

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​I wish I could have told you back then, Told you that how much, How much I Love You! How much I love your hand over my head. How much I love the way you used to wake me up every morning for school. How I loved the way you used to smile every time […]