She has Changed for Herself!

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SHE is Power! Pain is inevitable and so its comparison with a woman. Darkness finds its home in the life of a woman. She inhales this bleak energy. She’s made to live the agony and the helplessness. No matter how much the world progresses, the patriarchal society still frowns upon the desire of a woman […]

Brain Drain in India

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Brain Drain in India Brain Drain is simply defined as the phenomenon where the qualified citizens of a nation leave it in lure of better shots in other countries. Their escape might be for few months or could even last for their entire lives when they decide to permanently settle there. India has suffered greatly […]

What good are FADS that Fade away!

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  Situation 1. “Do you have a boyfriend?” “no” “why?” “Because I prefer to own my freedom rather than a whimsical relationship.”   Situation 2. “Hey, have you watched the recent episode of the GOT?’ “No buddy, I haven’t watched its single episode.” “How come?” his mouth gaping wide open. “I seriously do not find […]

Wassup Bhopal!

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“Where there is a will, there is a way!” This cliché adage applies perfectly to the success stories. It emphasizes that if one possesses the grit and is driven by his passion to stand apart from the crowd, none can impede the path of his progress. The success is bound to embrace him. In the […]

Dare to walk on the Road Not Taken


TO  CHOOSE  A  CAREER  IS  A  HARDLINE  TASK, BUT  TO  FIGURE  OUT  THE  RIGHT  ONE  IS  A  HARD  ROW  TO  THE  HOE… BUT  TO  FIGURE  OUT  THE  RIGHT  ONE  IS  A  HARD  ROW  TO  THE  HOE…   As the results of the school examinations are announced, the students are found all muddled up and perplexed […]