She has Changed for Herself!

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SHE is Power! Pain is inevitable and so its comparison with a woman. Darkness finds its home in the life of a woman. She inhales this bleak energy. She’s made to live the agony and the helplessness. No matter how much the world progresses, the patriarchal society still frowns upon the desire of a woman […]

The A to Z of Life

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Addicting us to itself Life makes those unknown bonds And we, the mighty characters Stage the great drama We make it more expressive We seek the cushion of friendship And soon those glorious people Fill our life with happiness I, Me, and myself Jealousy creeps in even faster In that jumbled kaleidoscope Life throws the love‘s roster And […]

Our love relationship


Being in a relationship or seeking for a relationship has become a trend these days. You would get considered incomplete and inhuman if you don’t have a relationship or hadn’t ever in past. Also, you can’t escape from your friends tagging you in memes and posts on social media. Can you? Probably, the relationship has […]

What good are FADS that Fade away!

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Situation 1. “Do you have a boyfriend?” “no” “why?” “Because I prefer to own my freedom rather than a whimsical relationship.”   Situation 2. “Hey, have you watched the recent episode of the GOT?’ “No buddy, I haven’t watched its single episode.” “How come?” his mouth gaping wide open. “I seriously do not find it […]

Celebrate, but with care!

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People watched with curious eyes as a procession filled the main street. Some gathered in their balconies, while the others peeked through their windows. Even the usually rushing people turned their heads around to steal a glance at the center of attraction. A big Ganesha idol! The elephant-god towered over the light poles, as it […]