Fidelity of freedom

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Needless to say, Independence Day is the most significant day in the calendar of Indian history and so for the citizen of India. On August 15, 2018, India would successfully complete 71 years of Independence and perpetuate the accolade of a proud nation. Just like every year, the Independence Day celebration will be held at […]

I Listen Love

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I listen love, Chanting a silent prayer Waiting to be heard… I listen love, A trail of silence… Being her only words.. I listen love, Wrapped in hiccups A name but slurred… I listen love, In a drop of tear And a vision going blurred… I listen love, In the beatings of heart With a […]

Summer with a Promise of Rain

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It wasn’t a summer that dragged our life out of the cold. Neither was it the one which burnt our life away. No. Instead, it was a summer which came with a promise of rain. And now, it’s over. Yes, the summer of education is finally done. And just like most of the other summers, […]

PADMAN- A constructive concept

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I was thirteen then. We were in school, attending our science class. Ours was a co-educational school. I exactly remember the page no.129, that we were on. The chapter was on ‘Genetics’ and the topic was ‘Menstruation and Menopause’. As our teacher began to explain, we girls (most of us) dug our heads into the […]

Dear New Year, Happy Birthday!

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Dear New Year, Happy Birthday! You might not know this, but you’re one of those children who are extremely famous even before their birth. We children usually get our big birthday party after spending a year in this place. But you, you’re different. Look around the world. Look how the people threw big parties for […]