A great player or great maniac?

“Cricket is a gentleman’s game.” – We have been listening to this for ages. But how gentleman it is for the world’s top player, just take a look!

The above video clip is taken during a match between RCB and KXIP in which the reaction of Virat Kohli after taking a catch of Ashwin can be seen clearly.

Needless to mention, what kind of gesture and words Virat had used for his fellow cricket player. It’s a highly disgusting, unethical, and inadmissible act by one of the world’s top player. Just because Virat Kohli a great player, it doesn’t give him a free hand to behave insolently on the field.

Well, it’s great when you convert a catch in a high-pressure situation during a match but that doesn’t mean to become loud-mouthed or roughneck from anywhere. You are not playing club cricket or gully cricket where you celebrate vociferously at every single ball. Even sledging is allowed in cricket as per the code of conduct of ICC because of its positive aspects and cruciality of mind game during test matches. But the kind of aggression Virat Kohli shows on the field is of no use in cricket and it only signifies the portion of his stupid mentality.

What is the point of such aggression and abusive comment on the player after taking his wicket? And that too when you’re playing for some franchise.

Undoubtedly, Virat Kohli is such a classic player and he has won the hearts of millions of cricket fans, not only in India but across the world. He is world’s number-1 player in both test and ODI cricket but his sportsmanship is really relapsing with every single match of IPL-2019 and subsequently, he is losing his respect from the true cricket fans. Probably, Kohli must be aware that a franchise cricket is not above his image or reputation.

If the kind of aggression and abusive comments that Virat Kohli exchange is admissible on the field, why it become an issue for the entire cricket community when some other player does the same.

For instance, when Hardik Pandya gave a sexist comment at a chat show, it disappointed many of cricket legends and fans and eventually, the BCCI had to put a ban of a few matches. When Ashwin did mankading recently in an IPL match, it again did hurt a lot of cricket personnel and fans. The hashtags of sportsmanship and spirit of the game started trending at every social media site. But when it comes to Virat Kohli’s discourteous act, there’s no question of ethics and code of conduct or any legal action. Why? Just because, his ranking is far better than the rest of the players who got involved in either sexist comment or mankading? Is it so?

Being a great batsmen and world’s number-1 player, won’t Virat Kohli maintain the decorum of sportsmanship on the field?

Why there’s no question of sportsmanship or spirit of the game on Virat Kohli’s insolent behavior? Can Virat Kohli’s great batting skill overshadow his ill-mannered behavior on the field?

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