A Cupid’s Tale

‘Oh my dear Cupid,
When will I find my mate?’
‘Oh my dear Cupid,
When will you change my fate?’

‘Am I not worthy of love?’
‘Don’t you care for me at all?’
‘If you are the real Cupid,
Why do make my heart stall?’

‘Just remember, oh Cupid,
If you don’t find me a partner,
I’ll shed all my hope,
And retort to some torture.’

Staring at his phone
Sometimes the Cupid gasps
Sometimes he just chuckles
And the other times he claps

Come the month of love
His inbox is full of texts
Some written from the heart
While others just drunk crap

“If only,” the Cupid replies
“If only I could help,
I’d have done it a long back,
Not waited for you to melt,

“To be thrust with an arrow,
Love ain’t just any thing,
It’s that beautiful emotion,
Which needs to be felt from within,

“Love is such a simple feeling,
You don’t need me for that,
Just hear your heart’s call,
And for once, let me rest.”


If only this heart can be made to love by the hit of an arrow…

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