The Most Awaited Independence

“Mera Bharat Mahaan?”
why a big question mark lingers along?

We are living in a kind of double standard society where one set of rules contradicts the other. A country where land has been named as ‘Mother India’ and somewhere an old mother is being ripped out from her own home, shows that mankind has been entombed. The country where people celebrates a festival like ‘Raksha bandhan’, and on the other hand crimes like rape prove that mankind has been consigned to the grave. A land where some have no space to house their money and some have no space to house themselves, no food to meet their hunger.
A 10th-grade girl delivered a baby at school’s washroom in Delhi. She had been raped repeatedly by her neighbor. Unknowing to the fact of her pregnancy, she had faced the tragic consequences. On the other hand, a pregnant woman was not admitted to a government hospital during her labour pains because she didn’t have enough cash to deposit. They didn’t allow her to wait for her husband, who was gone to arrange the required cash and eventually she was forced to deliver a baby at a bus stand, she walked down, at distance of 1km from the hospital.
A father in Karnataka killed his two children as he was unable to pay their school fees.
An old lady of 70yrs hailing from Kolkata was forced to sell phenyl, walking streets, giving door-to-door service, joining her shivering hands, requesting to buy the product so that she could afford her bread and medicines. She was uprooted from her own house, by her own son.
It’s not the terrorism, that has to be ended but this animal kingdom, cruelty and barbarism. There is a force on the border to protect the country but what about the brutality prevailing within the borders. The land is not as same as the great leaders had left for us. After 70 years of freedom, are we really independent? Aren’t we became slaves of our own greed and malevolence. Why has money-grubbing become the sole objective of most of us? This independence day, let’s work as a human. The day when the country will be freed from bureaucracy, corruption, terrorism, malfeasance, sleaze, callousness and our own greed, we will be celebrating the Independence day in real.

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