Dark is beautifully Indian.

Black roses are unique.
Black dresses are classy.
Black humans aren’t even acceptable!

Dark is just a complexion, then why is it used to inculcate inferiority complex in the humans who possess it? A male or a female, neither is spared from the cuss looks of the surroundings. People love humans who have a fair complexion and a glittering exterior, regardless of the dark soul within. On the other hand, a dark human with a fair soul is always looked down upon by others.
Well, the case becomes complicated for females embodying a dark complexion, especially if she’s an Indian. For the society, a girl can only be beautiful if she’s fair, has an hourglass figure and has the ‘womanly’ demeanours. However, the fair complexion always overpowers the other two measures of beauty. If she isn’t fair, she’s ugly and meant not to be married,but exchanged at a high rate for the complexion she possesses. That’s just like settling a criminal case by bribing the police, so that the case doesn’t ruins one’s reputation.
So what if a girl possesses dark complexion. Does her womanhood decrease or does her divinity becomes impious? The answer lies in the fact that we Indians worship deities with dusky and dark complexions and not fair ones. It’s ridiculous on our part to worship a complexion of skin that we ultimately don’t wish to lay eyes on in our day to day lives.
As Indians, we should rather be proud of the dusky beauty our land has been bestowed with. Girls need to be loved for her character and not her complexion.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, not in the complexion of the human.

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