हिंदी or English: The dilemma of माध्यम!

Communication is one of the essences of a living being. And when we talk about communication, the first thing that strikes our mind is language. May it is in terms of words, signs, gestures or just a flick of an eye; but the language is the most basic ingredient to carry out a communication.

If you look up the word ‘language’ in a dictionary, it’ll tell you that it’s a form of human speech. It is something that humans use to carry out written or spoken conversations. So it’s quite obvious for a layman to think like, “How awesome it’d be if we have just one language across the globe!” Luckily though, or sadly depending upon you, that’s not the case.

According to an estimate, there are over sixty-five hundred languages spoken around the world. And India is the fourth most linguistically diverse country doesn’t help the cause either. As per Indian census of 2001, India has a treasure of over sixteen hundred mother tongues. Therefore, it’s understandable if there exists a dilemma in which language a child should study.

Before turning our attention to that, let us first answer the most fundamental question. Should it really matter in which medium a child studies in? No.

Whichever be the school, whatever be the medium, the vital languages – Hindi and English – ought to be taught in it. Many would argue at the use of word vital in there, but let’s face it. Among the 22 official languages of India, Hindi and English have been identified as the ones to perform all the official conversations. All another lingo might be popular in a specific region, but Hindi and English are the ones which bind our nation together.

So the real question is not about Hindi or English. We, as the citizens of a democratic nation, have every right to study in the school of our choice. The real glitch is the system, in the way things are done. Even today Hindi is offered as an optional language in English medium schools and vice versa. Ask it to yourselves, how feasible is that?

It may have been okay some three decades back. But now, the times are changing. India as a country is changing. It is that tree which is spreading its branches all over the globe. However, even in this era of globalization, it is that tree which understands the value of sticking to its roots.

So now the question is, are we ready to change? Are we ready to morph our perceptions and embrace a better future? Or do we want to chase the past and allow the world to run away?

The choice is your ladies and gentlemen. The choice is yours!

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